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Straightforward Report

Sunday, April 15th, 2012

It’s my pleasure to introduce you to Lock Poker. Just one of the hottest online poker skins on the illustrious Merge Poker Network. Gamers from the United States will be excited to find out that Lock Poker Bonus Code happens to be accepting players from this region

I found the usability of the software was top-notch. All the buttons were clearly presented, all of the bets were displayed within an easy to read fashion and the software was just generally very simple to use. Total Poker beginners will love playing at Lock Poker and find the software no trouble in any way to use.

As far as other games go, you’ll find a decent collection of Sit and Go tournaments beginning regularly. You will also find a very good selection of Pot Limit Omaha cash games of all limits. That being said, there isn’t a huge selection of MTT tournaments, but the website is fairly new and I am positive the selection of MTT tournaments will quickly increase in the foreseeable future.

When you start off playing at the poker tables your deposit bonus is going to be gradually released as you continue playing. Players acquire frequent player points (FPP’s) based on the amount they play. The more that you play, the faster you unlock and complete your poker deposit bonus.

Right now as I load up the Lock Poker software program I noticed that there are currently 14’849 players playing the tables at Lock Poker. You’ll find a plentiful flow of weak opponents at Cash Games, MTT tournaments and Sit and Go’s of all stakes. I was personally stunned at how soft the cash games were at the mid limits (The game I presently play is .25/.50 cent cash games).

Perhaps the best benefit of the Lock Poker experience is the state of the art and innovative software. Lock Poker sports possibly the best looking online poker software, period. The standard table design is a smooth as well as sparkly metal grey theme. It certainly gives a high end appearance.

Xtreme No Tips: Knowing The Energy Racks

Friday, March 23rd, 2012

If people who want to develop muscle mass are already attending a fitness center for a time and suffered the unavoidable delays for equipment use, they frequently start to think of ways in which they could develop their very own home fitness space. They desire a personal fitness center exactly where all of the equipment is available most of the time.

Building a home exercise space could be a dream come true, but only when you have a room that you can designate like a fitness center and stay utilized simply to home exercise equipment.

One of the very first items you want to buy is a power rack. You will have to permit about twenty-five square feet plus some peripheral room. You will need a roof height of at least seven ft – most house roofs tend to be 8 feet. Which is a lots of area, alright, however it is going to be area that is properly utilized.

Why a power rack, you ask? It’s not since it is the most significant piece of equipment, but it is the piece of equipment that will produce the most dramatic results when you’re creating muscle mass. The power rack makes it simple for you to properly work on your own with hefty weights, and heavy lifts are critical to the mass-building process.

Almost all power racks arrive standard with pull-up and dip bars, and when they aren’t standard, they are offered as options. Another option on most energy racks is a high/low pulley. The high/low pulley attachment allow you to do your triceps pushdowns, lat-bar pull downs, rows, and so on.

A fully prepared power rack could possibly be the backbone of the muscle mass-building home fitness space. The neat thing is you don’t have to buy everything at once. You should buy only the basic power rack and then add to it as you really can afford to.

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Xtreme No

Locating Blue Marlin Fishing Experiences

Tuesday, February 28th, 2012

Most people consider blue marlin fishing to be the height of offshore game fishing. The marlin offers enthusiastic fisherman the size, strength, and power that few other fish can. Blue marlins are stunning in form and capable of amazing fighting ability once they have been hooked. Blue marlins continue to inspire anglers all over the globe to seek them out.


Which fishing methods and equipment a fishing crew employs to catch blue marlins depends on a few things. The size of the marlins, local sea conditions, and local customs all factor into how you successfully fish for marlin. The most common methods for marlin capture use artificial lures, rigged natural baits and live baits.


The Islands of the Bahamas have long been a favorite destination for fishermen searching for blue marlin. Bimini, which is on the eastern edge of the Gulf Stream, has a storied past of marlin fishing done by Ernest Hemingway and Michael Lerner. The Bahamas has a long history of marlin fishing dating back to the 1930s and 1940s. These islands are also home to the Bahamas Billfish Championship, which is the most intense, competitive tournament series in marlin fishing.

Outer Banks

Another great place to find marlin is here in the United States. The Outer Banks of North Carolina have long been renowned for their blue marlin fishing. The proximity of the Gulf Stream and of the continental shelf edge in this area create a good combination of current, blue water and ocean temperature that attracts a wide variety of game fish including blue marlin.

Marlin In Hawaii

More blue marlins are caught on rod and reel in the Hawaiian Islands than anywhere else in the world. More than sixty fish of over 1,000 pounds have been caught in Hawaiian waters. The town of Kona on the coast of the Big Island is internationally famous for its marlin fishing. This town also plays host to the long-standing Hawaiian International Billfish Tournament (HIBT).


In the fishing community a 1,000 pound fish, or “a grander”, represents the benchmark for a truly outstanding catch. For most marlin fishermen a 1,000 pound fish is the catch of a lifetime. Due to increases in commercial fishing in the world’s oceans it seems this type of catch will only become more and more of a rarity. The record for largest sport fishing capture is a 1,805 pound pacific blue marlin caught in Oahu, Hawaii.

Blue Marlin fishing drives millions of dollars of revenue from tourists worldwide. Far more revenue is created by sport fishing as opposed to commercial fishing. Awareness of the need to conserve marlin worldwide has led to an increasing trend of recreational anglers to release their catches in as healthy a condition as possible. Panama fishing charters are a great way for beginners to explore the world of marlin fishing.