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Spinning Reels of the Modern Fishing Tackle Industry

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

The Mitchell Blade ALU 4500 Spinning Reel is a simple yet innovative addition to the fishing tackle industry at present. This rod considers its high performance corrosion resistant (HPCR) ball bearings as its most important design. Rugged aluminum material was used for the rotor design and body of this system. This model is considered as one of those with the best designs in the industry at present because of these features.

As already mentioned, the high performance corrosion resistant ball bearings is considered as one of the greatest innovations this fishing tackle has. The five ball bearings including the extra one is created and not merely coated with HPCR material so this reel can survive high pressure. The performance of this reel will also not be compromised even if it is used during wet conditions. Also, these bearings are low maintenance and saltwater proof, making it truly perfect for the true hardy angler.

The spool used on the spinning reel of this fishing tackle is double anodized. In this process, aluminum is hardened twice through an electrochemical process so that it will provide high efficiency and high tensile strength even when it is used during stressful conditions. The power knob which is used to control the reel can be bought in sizes sixty and fifty and it also has an extra aluminum spool.

Strength is not the only good point of this equipment. This spinning reel’s retrieve system can be changed to both left hand and right hand. It also offers precision and reliability due to its machined aluminum handle and anti-twist titanium line roller. Titanium is a type of material that are used in aircraft, Formula One cars, and other high performance machines. Therefore, users can expect this model to perform well even during difficult situations because this metal is integrated on its rod. The reel has an instant anti-reverse system which provides stability and performance even in full saltwater conditions.

The design of this fishing tackle reel is built out of rust free aluminum. Despite its heavy duty capabilities, it only weighs in at a meager 373 grams. It has a capacity of carrying 300 meters of 0.25 test line with ease and it also has one of the highest retrieve ratio among other rods on its same class which is 6.2:1. Moreover, often overlooked on this fishing tackle is its effective front drag system which offers the users smooth and slow pulling of the line without experiencing any jerky movements.

The Mitchell fishing tackle line was established in France during the 1940s but soon became one of the brands of the fishing magnate Pure Fishing. At present, the brand is considered equal to other brands like Fenwick, Berkley, and Abu Garcia. Since its inception, the brand has continued to maintain its capability of providing top quality products for different kinds of anglers specifically to those who are seeking to improve their spinning technology on their rods. Blade SLU 450 is truly an investment that you will never regret having.

The Royal Carp Fishing Tackle

Sunday, March 4th, 2012

Despite of its deviousness, the carp is a freshwater fish that can be considered as regal and elusive. This is probably one of the hardest fish to catch because of its ability to survive even in temperate and freezing waters. This fish was even used as the currency in barter at one point in time. If you are aiming to catch this fish successfully, then you need to have a high quality carp fishing tackle like the Daiwa Regal 3500 XBR Carp Fishing Reel.

One particular requirement of an effective carp fishing tackle is a front drag with a consistent free spool system. The Daiwa Regal 3500 XBR Carp Fishing Reel has some qualities that are not commonly found in other fishing tackle, making it one of the best in the world. One feature is its ability of being used in specimen angling because it provides a good deal of control over the fish strugggling at the end of the line. This works best when the reel is paired with a medium fast action fishing rod. This fishing tackle is also equipped with a machine engine plate and a tin plate line roller that is both durable and tough. Anglers who want to go fishing for carp will truly be provided with more advantage when using this reel.

This carp fishing tackle is also equipped with the patented “Air Bail” system of the brand. This system is built from corrosion resistant and durable tube stainless steel with a rust proof finish. During line pick-up, the smooth design of this reel provides snag-free performance to the user. It also has the “Twist Buster” which uses specific tools that reduce line twisting during the fishing trip. Another feature of this reel is its clutch system which work to prevent line backing, keeps the line moving forward, and also offers one-way movement. Its rotor is built out of graphite and the grip knob is soft and low profile to complement the spare graphite spool that comes with the purchase package.

This carp fishing tackle also has seven ball and roller bearings with a smooth front drag wet system with accompanying front adjustment. A rear-mounted preset adjustment which adds to the user’s convenience and ease of use. The ABS spool is made of aluminum and the wind levels make use of the Advanced Locomotive Leveling system. The clutch it uses is the patented Automatic Bite N’ Run system and the twist reduction system employ the exclusive Twist Buster apparatus. The dual selectable infinite anti-reverse system of this fishing tackle is another one of its significant features.

This fishing tackle is the fruit of the company’s history when it comes to quality and innovation. From first creating their reel system in 1955, this company which is known for the high quality of their products is now considered as one of the best fishing tackle providers in the globe. Clearly, this carp fishing tackle is a good rod to those who want to finally get a taste of catching elusive carps. The Daiwa Regal 3500 XBR Carp with its signature design truly provides the angler a good advantage against these sly and cunning fish.