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The Sea Fishing Tackle Meant for Big Pits

Monday, February 20th, 2012

When it comes to big game fishing, probably one of the best gadgets to use out there is the Daiwa Tournament Entoh Big Pit Reel. A sea fishing tackle, it is also capable of handling freshwater big game fish. This rod can truly make fishing easier and more pleasurable with its features.

There are lots of attributes possessed by this sea fishing tackle that other ordinary reels and rods do not have. Examples are its Harbody-Z big pit reels and ABS which are extremely helpful in making the fishing experience a whole lot better. These features provide distance casting which are not offered by other models in the industry. The cast line’s distance is also kept with this rod’s use of the CastLock. This feature, moreover, lock’s the caster’s handle the moment the bail arm is opened. The line trap is prevented from moving when the cast line is manually moved.

This sea fishing tackle also has ten ball bearings and one CRBB in its caster. It also has an Infinite anti-reverse system that functions to prevent sudden pulls on the ABS aluminum spool. This rod is also very perfect for long fights with large types of fishes, with its gears having an integrated Twist buster and made from strong Dura-aluminum. Mechanized aluminum is used in making its handle which comes with a worm shaft oscillation mechanism to minimize line tangles. Extra aluminum spools for backup are other accessories which can be purchased together with this fishing tackle.

The Daiwa Tournament Entoh sea fishing tackle comes with a gear ratio of 4.1:1, weighs 17 pounds, and provides a line capacity of 280m. The total weight of this fishing gear is 21.1 ounces wihen fully equipped. Its ligh weight makes it the perfect tool for both sea and freshwater use. The Hardbody-Z provides a durable and rigid metal structure, allowing for deep water pulls in high seas or calm waters. Its has a corrosion resistant full tackle and handle and ball bearings. Backlashing when casting or angling it on rough seas is prevented with its safety features. Possibilities of line twisting is also prevented with the help of the Twist Buster which enables the gears of the spool and the handle to work together and provide a fluid movement when catching heavy game fish.

Each of its turn provides 85cm of line with a high gear ratio that does not compromise its capability of luring fishes even in great distances. The micro adjustable front drag of this sea fishing tackle provides efficient pulling to the users. This equipment is alos very flexible since it utilizes the UBRC1 converter which can make it into a bite and run line. Its converter creates a quick pulling option when the line is pulled, causing quick retrieval of the fish at the end of the fishing line.

In conclusion, it can be said that the Daiwa Tournament Entoh Big Pit Reel is a durable sea fishing tackle that can also be used by anglers in freshwater. The features and other perks of this tackle will definitely provide the best casting of lines and retrieving of big game fish experience both in saltwater and freshwater settings.